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Artist/Band: Great Big Sea
Lyrics for Song: Fast As I Can
Lyrics for Album: Road Rage [2000]

From the first hello you gave to me

I've done nothing else but smile

And I know you're in a hurry

but its gonna take a while.

So forgive me if we go slow,

but there's something I think you should know...


I'm goin fast as I can, please don't make me rush

this feeling's coming on way too fast

I'll tell you all of the things that you'll never forget

But I'm not ready say, "I love you" yet

I'm not ready to say "I love you" yet.

-- Whistle Solo

Don't push me in too deep,

I've always been the fool who rushes in.

You've got to take the pieces one-by-one before you've got everything.

So forgive me if we take time but there's something that's been on my mind...

Chorus -- Whistle Solo

Oh! There'll be times when I'm mistaken

there'll be times when we're gonna fight

but you needn't doubt we can work it out

and in time we'll get it right.

So forgive me if we go slow but there's something I think you should know...

Chorus x 2 -- Whistle Solo

Album Lyrics: Road Rage [2000]

Great Big Sea
"Road Rage [2000]"

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