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Artist/Band: Great Big Sea
Lyrics for Song: Dear Home Town
Lyrics for Album: Safe Upon the Shore [2010]

No one knows what's waiting where you go

Nothings certain but the fact that you're leaving

But still you roam from the straight and narrow road

Riding nothing but the lies that you believe in

Frame after frame, the pictures still remain

Photographs of all the hearts you've broken

Frozen in time are the ghosts you left behind

Waiting for the words you left unspoken

Dear home town, I never meant to let you down

When I sold my soul for a song

The dreams are to blame, they still linger and remain

In the heart of a child who's been gone, dear home town

Tell the girl, it's a wide and wondrous world

Room enough to leave a life your hating

The highway runs both ways and there's seat's left on the train

If you take it to the station, I'll be waiting

Tell my ma that I miss her lovin' smile

Tell my father that I really miss his laughter

Tell my sisters and brothers, my friends and all the others

That we'll meet in the sweetest hereafter

Album Lyrics: Safe Upon the Shore [2010]

Great Big Sea
"Safe Upon the Shore [2010]"

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