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Artist/Band: Human League
Lyrics for Song: Austerity/Girl One
Lyrics for Album: Reproduction [2003]

In the town

The start of day

The father thinks in sadness

On why his daughters went away

On youth and other madness

I know we don't choose who we love

And malice is so human

When your principle's no good

It's time to find a new one

I was brought up to believe

That to avoid disaster

In life as in your dreams

You've got to be the monster

When you've done your very best

When things turn out unpleasant

When the best of men take bribes

Isn't it the fool who doesn't?

In the town

By the house

The journalist is waiting

And near this place

There is a space

A subject contemplating

You've got your keys to get back in

You've washed your face so you can smile

You've got your pockets full of lending cash

Your ticket to the ladies mile

You brush away a flake of zinc

Advance toward the street outside

You close your mind so you can't think

The hide, the ride, the tide

But the scenes come rushing in

Like eels into your net

And it's just like Joseph said

Another walk you can't forget

But you push into the bleak

Where all the women walk in fear

Another three-word phrase

The near, the clear, the dear

You're a lonely little girl

Who just wants to please her dad

So you thought you'd be a nurse

Just like your mother had

But you make the patients worse

And the doctors know you're bad

(Better get back to the oracle)

The oracle in this case

Is a message on your phone

It says where you go

Gravity has gone

You know this is true

But you want to speak of love

Prediction and ambiguity

Go hand in glove

The oracle in this case

Is a face on your wall

It says where you go

People will fall

And near this place

There is a space

A subject contemplating

And in the town

The sun goes down

No-one investigating

Album Lyrics: Reproduction [2003]

Human League
"Reproduction [2003]"

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