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Artist/Band: Human League
Lyrics for Song: Dreams Of Leaving
Lyrics for Album: Travelogue [2003]

Someone stopped the clock when we should have started early

If we miss the morning meeting our lives will be in danger

Someone's trying to stop us, there is someone in our party

It is someone with a grudge and they won't let us reach the border

Our lives are in his hands, we pay with Krugerands

The currency of pain to help us leaving

While back in our homeland the ones who make a stand

Are taken from their homes and no one hears of them again

I felt I had to come here, I thought things would be better

The situation's changed but I find I'm still resented

Someone wants my job it is someone in this building

Someone's spreading rumours and I don't feel I can stay here

I think I'm going north and now's the time to leave

The people there they say are good to strangers

And if I do my best and try to settle in

I'm sure I can be just like someone's neighbour

I'm sure I can be just like someone's neighbour

Album Lyrics: Travelogue [2003]

Human League
"Travelogue [2003]"

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