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Artist/Band: Blink 182
Lyrics for Song: Cacophony
Lyrics for Album: Cheshire Cat

When you talk about tomorrow
I'm not sure about today
When you tell me that you love me
What am I supposed to say?

Sometimes I don't feel
The same way as you feel

Words like forever
They scare the shit out of me
Maybe I'm afraid of commitment
Maybe you're too distracted to see that

Sometimes I don't feel
The same way as you feel

I think of all the things I'd say to you if I had the chance again
I think of all the things that I'd scream
But I think it's for the best

If you and I just don't connect and
Things are never quite what they seem

Will there ever be
Someone to give her heart to me
Or would I be to blind to see it
I wouldn't make a sound
I'd keep it underground
It always seems like I'm running running running
running running round

Sometimes I don't feel
The same way as you feel

Album Lyrics: Cheshire Cat

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