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Artist/Band: Blink 182
Lyrics for Song: Track 35
Lyrics for Album: The Mark Tom And Travis Show

Tom: Hey I gotta go pee pee
Mark: You wanna go pee and I'll talk top the kids for a second
Tom: You think you can talk for enough time
Mark: No uh uh
Tom: Why dont you gather your thoughts...
Mark: why dont you just wet your pants and we'll call it even
Tom: Should I just piss in my pants right here
if you guys all each pitch in a dollar each I'll piss my pants
right here and now that should bring me about 200 bucks
Mark: I'll give you three hundred dollars to piss your pants
right now
Tom: I'll give you four hundred bucks to eat my shit!
Mark: Hahaha sold!

Album Lyrics: The Mark Tom And Travis Show

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"The Mark Tom And Travis Show"

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