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Artist/Band: Drake
Lyrics for Song: Faded
Lyrics for Album: Comeback Season [2007]

D-d-d-d-damn what did I consume

Somethin spinnin fast either me or it's the room

I bet you it's the room cause I don't do no drugs

Or maybe it's that 'tron cause I sure do have a buzz

Baby either way I'm throwed and I am on a mission

So if ya ears a virgin id advise you not to listen

Cause this shit isn't couchere and this shit isn't christian

It's that muthafuckin heat you can find up in kitchen

Girl holla at yo nigga I got that shit for low

Ok maybe I don't but guarantee someone I know

Wait let me slow it down (down) I'm gettin ahead (head)

Plus it's gettin hot so I'm a take a seat instead (stead)

I'm lucky I ain't dead (dead) I'm on a rollercoaster ride ya'll

We all of age and I ain't got nothin to hide ya'll

And in this game I'm a tidal when the tides small

So drop me in and I release just like a time bomb


Every record that I've done the station hear em play it

This the city that I run this the shit that I created

They tellin me I'm the one and I haven't even made it

Maybe I'm hearin thangs cause I'm feelin like I'm faded

I'm feelin like I'm faded faded f-faded f-faded faded f-faded f-faded faded f-faded f-faded

I'm feelin like I'm faded faded f-faded f-faded faded f-faded f-faded faded f-faded f-faded

Album Lyrics: Comeback Season [2007]

"Comeback Season [2007]"

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