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Artist/Band: Blink 182
Lyrics for Song: Penis In A Bottle (Parody, Live In Concert)
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Blink 182

Mark: "Woahh oahh oahh Woahh oahh oahh"
Tom: "Mark shut the fuck up!"
Mark: "Okay Tom!"
Tom: "Hey everyone, I just want you to know that I fucked Christina Aguliera"
Mark:" yea heres a song about that"

Hes a genie in a bottle
A Penis sucked like a bottle
You gotta rub it the right way (not the left!)
I want my penis sucked
Eminem Told me! (yea he did)
I got it before Fred Durst and Carson Daly
Even Johnny Carson! (that old bastard)

I'm a penis in a bottle baby
You gotta rub it the right way (not the left)
I'm a penis in a bottle baby
Cum cum, cum all over my mouth

Tom: "Hahahaha"
Mark: "Hahahaha" "Fuck this, here's Adam's Song"

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Blink 182

Blink 182
"Other Songs - Blink 182"

1. A Letter To Elise
2. Dancing With Myself
3. Dead Man's Curve
4. Don't Tell Me it's Over
5. Grandpa (Hidden, Green)
6. Guy On The Playground
7. Head Givers Annoynoumus ( On New Record)
8. Hidden Track (15)
9. Hidden Track (4/5)
10. I Won't Be Home For Christmas
11. Imbred Blister Popper
12. Internal Prodigy
13. Jenny 867-5309 (Cover)
14. Josie Live In La
15. Josy
16. Kids Of The Black Hole
17. Mothers Day
18. My Boyfriend
19. Not Now (Bonus Track)
20. On-Line-Songs
21. One Hit Wonder
22. Party Song
23. Penis In A Bottle (Parody, Live In Concert)
24. People,People,People
25. Seasons In The Sun
26. She'll Still Cry Tonight
27. Shimmy Shimmy Coco Puff
28. Shut Up II
29. Skylee's With Me (Unreleased)
30. The Blowjob Song
31. The Family Next Door
32. The Hokey Pokey
33. The Porn Show
34. There Is
35. Time To Break Up (Hidden Track 14)
36. Transvestite (Unreleased demo fo Buddha)
37. Wrecked Him
38. Zulu