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Artist/Band: Iggy Pop
Lyrics for Song: Dum Dum Boys
Lyrics for Album: Somebody [2011]

Things have been tough

Without the dum dum boys

I can't seem to speak

The language

I remember how they

Used to stare at the ground

They looked as if they

Put the whole world

Looked as if they put

the whole world down

The first time I saw

the dum dum boys

I was fascinated

They just stood in front

Of the old drug store

I was most impressed

No one else was impressed

Not at all

And we'd sing


dum dum day

Where are you now my

dum dum boys are you

Alive or dead

Have you left me the last

Of the dum dum daze

Then the sun goes down

And the boys broke down

People said we were negative

They said we'd take but

we would never give

But we'd sing da-da-da

Da-da-da dum dum day

Da-da-da-da-da dum

And hope it would pay

Da-da-da-da it's been

A dumdumdum day

A dum dum day

Now I'm looking for

The dum dum boys

Where are you now

When I need your noise

Now I'm looking for

The dum dum boys

The walls close in and

I need some noise

Album Lyrics: Somebody [2011]

Iggy Pop
"Somebody [2011]"

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