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Artist/Band: Lara Fabian
Lyrics for Song: You Are My Heart
Lyrics for Album: Lara Fabian (Spanish) [2000]

(Walter Afanasieff/Rick Allison/John Bettis/Lara Fabian)

How did I ever get to here

Why do I need you

Why do I have to cry these tears

Where do they lead to

I used to be so strong alone

When I was standing on my own

Now I don't know what to do

Was I too proud or just too blind

What does it matter

When love was in these hands of mine

I let it shatter

The pieces scattered to the wind

I'll never have them here again

But I'll remeber how we were

The rest of time


You are my heart

How could I ever let you go

You are my soul

I had to lose my soul to know

How much you mean

To me, you are my heart

I think I see you everywhere

Isn't that crazy

I still reach out to feel you there

Lying beside me

I've learned a lot since you've been gone

About what I am and what I want

I know I only want to be in love with you

Repeat chorus

Theres the sun to light the day

My colors turned to gray

The day I saw you walk away

Now there's nothing left to say

But when I dream, I pray(I pray you were there)

That life could be like yesterday

Repeat chorus

Album Lyrics: Lara Fabian (Spanish) [2000]

Lara Fabian
"Lara Fabian (Spanish) [2000]"

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