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Artist/Band: Metallica
Lyrics for Song: Damage Case
Lyrics for Album: Garage Inc. [1998]

Hey babe, don't act so scared

All I want is some special care

On the run from some institution

All I want is some constellation

And I can tell by your face

I'm a total disgrace

Put me inside this place

Move over for a damage case

Hey baby wait a minute, stop

Don't run away, don't call a cop

I ain't lookin' to victimize you

All I want to do is tantalize you

I can tell by your face

I'm all over the place

I can tell by your face

Got no time for a damage case

No time baby!

Hey babe don't turn away

I'm here tomorrow, gone today

I don't know what you think your game is

I don't care if even what your name is

And I can tell by this face

You're all over the place

I can tell by your face

Move over for a damage case

Get the fuck over man!

Album Lyrics: Garage Inc. [1998]

"Garage Inc. [1998]"

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