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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: A Million And One Answers
Lyrics for Album: 100 Words and Running [2010]


You know what's funny

its like when I be fuckin with somebody

Everybody felt like I owed them answers to everything

But it's cool

This is how MGK handles the situation

(a million)


They be saying Kells why you leaving now?

You bouced and never came back around

Look I'm still in the city I just don't leave the house

What's this talk about you acting all crazy?

They say you getting Hollywood

Fuck them, pay me

I'm sane

You won't even collab with another artist?

Wrong, It's just half of these rappers out here retarded

Theres only 2 reasons why I wouldn't do a song

Either it isn't beneficial or their money isn't long

Damn it's like that?

Unfortunately it is

Cause no chedder equals out to no food for my kid

Hold up, you got a kid too? How old is you?

I'm 19 but I deal with grown man issues

Okay cool, at least we know you not no fool

But you look like a college boy why you not in school?

Cuz I was in the principals offices more than the class

Wouldn't write a letter of reccomendation for my ass

See most of the teachers hate me right along with the kids

Cuz my reputation outside of the campus was getting big (a million)


Ha, yeah it's like that

Okay okay

But I ain't done bro

Okay you're confusing me

I always see you in the hood

But you look like them white boys from Laguna beach

So what are you? A Thug or an Asher Roth?

I'm none of that, I'm the whole entire catalog

From front to back the perfect blend like camouflage

Because I'm still me, even when the camera's off

Well I been hearing about some things you false bragging where you from

So what city is it? Help me understand this son

Look I was born in H-town, raised in the middle east

Seen every part of the world from the ghetto to the beach

But unfortunately that was all before I turned 9

So the experience wasn't appreciated by my young mind

Yeah get to the point

Chill bro let me talk

Well explain the 2 area codes thats tatted on your arms

Okay my left one is for Denver and my right is for the Land

Better known as Cleveland Midwest is what I am

Next time you wanna question, understand this fam

I represent cuz those the cities that taught me to be a man

Okay, I guess I didn't see everything on the plate

Well next time you wanna question get your facts straight



I guess that was cool and all

I dig that

But you gonna have to change that homeboy

Oh yeah

I got some more

Alright, come on bro

Let's go

So what you got besides a name that makes you think you so cool?

I won first at the Apolo what more do I gotta prove?

The first rapper to do it

Plus on top of that I'm staring at my '09

best live performance award plaque

Yeah, well how many fans you got?


Prove it

I'm on every major blog with no album

Sure, but anyone with a deal gets that respect

Wrong. Cuz I did this without a major label check

You saying you not signed?

No, I had no help

I earned everything that I got then I signed myself

Damn, you must be ballin, where the chains and the whip?

I'm far from rich and the only jewels I cop's for my chick

What about your boys? How'd you get them all to be down?

How much you pay?

None dude, we from the same side of town

And if we all split up the chips and for the moment live good

But if not, we still fam like we back in the hood

Friends? I respect that. What about the haters?

Word is you got a couple cats jacking your flavor

Hell yeah, a couple people out to down my name

Turn on the radio the song's and the style's the same

Befriended me to stab me in the back, they lame

Should be ashamed, but all is well

It's just the rules of the game


haha yeah wow its crazy

That definitely was crazy man

Appreciate you answering the questions though

You gotts tell 'em your name bro

go ahead

okay I got you bro

Let it be known

That you have been speaking with


Album Lyrics: 100 Words and Running [2010]

Machine Gun Kelly
"100 Words and Running [2010]"

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