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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Lead You On
Lyrics for Album: Lace Up (Mixtape) [2010]

Twice I turned my back on you

I fell flat on my face but didnt lose

Was it the blue night

Go franchize

was it a gold themane (?)

in a wonder steady goin under

Tell 'em drain the pool I'm sinkin fast

come and save my life before It pass

scratchin at the surface

but the bottom's where I'm at

only place my addiction will tell me

that I'm free at last

so why the fuck you playin with my head

I said I'm done

Any and everything I had is gone

I says you won

you promised that we'd only be together for a minute

then we finished

but my life had passed another year

why the fuck is you in it?

I gave up everything for you

even my house

now I'm beggin on a nightly basis

to sleep on the couch

my councelor said I need to find a way

to block the pain out

I told him it was already too late

She is in my veins and he said

Tell me what led you on

I'd love to know

Well It's just that

When I felt her the first time, I flew

Nobody gives me the high that she do

See, we fight all the time

and she leaves bruises on my arms

but the way she makes me feel inside

that girl can do no wrong

now all my family hates me

since I started fuckin wit her

And all my friends done left me

cuz they jealous that i'm wit her

I tried to break it off

she gets me back with the feel

after everything she did

why the fuck do I love that needle

please help me

Twice I turned my back on you

I fell flat on my face but didnt lose

look, this love's killing me


everytime I start to pick you up

you finish me

used to love waking up in the mornings

and feeling you

now I'm just ashamed

and wearing long sleeves concealing you

bitch you wasn't shit

how the fuck could you do this

now my fucking life is ruined

Imma kill you bitch I'll do it

and so I

tie it up

stick that shit up in my skin

and overdose on your love

so I can't have it again


Album Lyrics: Lace Up (Mixtape) [2010]

Machine Gun Kelly
"Lace Up (Mixtape) [2010]"

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