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Artist/Band: Marvin Gaye
Lyrics for Song: All The Way Round
Lyrics for Album: I Want You [1976]

Ohh, if you wanna do it, then let's it get it on

But how you gonna act this time around?

Before we take it off down to the skin

Lets get an understanding

Girl you didn't understand my philosophy

You did not understand, you just ran away from me

Oh I miss you baby

Ohh I miss you badly, I miss you

You're the best I ever had

You're so bad baby

But I must like it like that

Although you won't let me control this or that

i still find you're where it's at

Ah now I see you're coming straight to the point

You say the more you get, baby

Ah the more you want me

Yeah darling you're not wasting my time

What I see baby is so hard to find

Although you've been all over town, baby

Having your affairs, I still got to accept you back

Angel, although you're promiscuious

I don't mind a bit cause you're still the greatest lay in bed

even when you're miles away

(sax solo)

Girl if you run away again

Surely my heart would never mend

Don't tell me the love we made

Was just for old times sake

Staying up waiting for you to come home at night

Was just so hard to take

She said that pain might never mend

So let's be sometime lovers

Oh baby that's when my poor heart broke up

Well if you got a girl and you want her for your wife

you got to treat her good and love her all your life

Album Lyrics: I Want You [1976]

Marvin Gaye
"I Want You [1976]"

1. After The Dance (Instrumental)
2. All The Way Round