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Artist/Band: Massari
Lyrics for Song: Show Me
Lyrics for Album: Massari [2005]


Why u lookin at me like u want me

If she wasnt near me, upon me

Damn girl why u acting lonely

Didn't you know that she'd be watching closely.

Shoulda listened when my hommie told me

Heard you're tryin normally console me

There's alot of things you wanna show me,

When she's not around me, baby call me..

[Verse 1]

You shoulda never left me alone.

Without a woman that you left,

You shoulda seen her get ontop of me.

Everyday day she callin my fone,

To talk to you and;

I knew that her real intention

Was to talk to me.

[Verse 2]

And i dunt wanna lose control

Coz i know that yall was close

and Now she wanna give her heart to me

Now you wanna make it my fault

You shoulda known that from the start

That she would wanna get involved with me..

[Repeat Chorus]


Oh no.. Don't go.. Don't know..

All we got here..

Oh no.. Go slow.. Don't go..

Why u wanna leave?

[Verse 3]

Now baby girl won't you hold on

And let me know just what she told you

Coz I knew she had alot to say.

And even though I know that its wrong

You gotta know you're my lady

And I aint gonna let you walk away

And now you wanna leave me alone

Im trying to make you understand

But you don't really wanna talk to me..

And now you backin up and you gone,

And you forgot bout the dream we had

You wanna take it all the way..

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 4]

When she lead the other one to the door,

And now Im feeling that she really shoulda been here,

From the start with me.

And aint no point of takin it slow

Now we know that Im the one you want

And you're the one I want for me.

We move around, the bed to the floor,

We moan around, you moan,

I know, I love the way you brought it on to me

Won't have it any other way,

Dont ever take your love,

No way, I need your now for me.

[Repeat Chorus to fade..]

//Transcribed by Ch3bZ

Album Lyrics: Massari [2005]

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