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Artist/Band: Newsboys
Lyrics for Song: Deep End
Lyrics for Album: Step Up to the Microphone [1998]

she's diving down

gonna make her home now

the ocean

she's done with living her life

on the ground

she's sinking down

hands above her

held her

nineteen years

and now they're letting go

tomorrow will be 'round

and everyone will see

no tragedy

it's like it's over

but it's just begun

she's going off

the deep end

breaking from the crowd

she's way over her head

I think she's gonna drown

she's going off

the deep end

the search is over now

she's falling into your hands

it's all or nothing

there's no guessing

she's been lost and found

she's diving down

scars on her elbows

the wind blows

an old song spins around inside

'how sweet the sound'

to be living

and dying

looks like it's over

but it's just begun

to take this step of faith

don't need to be scared

turn worry into wonder

dissolve the fear

she's steppin' out

and you drop the blame

as she speaks the name

above all other names

to be lost and found

her world has turned

upside down

her soul restored

with salt like rain

from all of the things

that you forgave

and all the times she'd disobey

she's diving in the ocean of your grace

Album Lyrics: Step Up to the Microphone [1998]

"Step Up to the Microphone [1998]"

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