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Artist/Band: Uriah Heep
Lyrics for Song: Wake Up (Set Your Sights)
Lyrics for Album: Live In Budapest Hungary Official Bootleg Vol. 2 [2010]

Wake up, set your sights

For never shall we fail

Stand up for your rights

And justice will prevail

You're listening

Through endless nights

And decision is your goal

So wake up, set your sights

Oh, the time is right for your role

Yeah, or your role

Wake up, wake up, wake up

Set your sights

Never, never, never

Shall we fail

Stand up, stand up, stand up

For your rights

Justice, justice, justice

Will prevail

There in the morning

Flying over the hills

While men are yawning

They are crushed by our wills

Never have I witnessed

People in fear

Not like today

Not in many a year

Go kill another

There are more close behind

"No" screams a mother

"Are you out of your mind"

Though they are shattered

They just don't seem to yield

Bodies are scattered

In all parts of the field

Oh no, did I tell you

What would happen if you tried

"Oh god, stop this killing!"

Said a young man

Before he died

Album Lyrics: Live In Budapest Hungary Official Bootleg Vol. 2 [2010]

Uriah Heep
"Live In Budapest Hungary Official Bootleg Vol. 2 [2010]"

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