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Artist/Band: Urge
Lyrics for Song: It's Gettin' Hectic
Lyrics for Album: Receiving The Gift Of Flavor [1995]

Check it

I set it off, by lettin' you know I can flow to many beats

Similar to groove so freely

People say I'm gettin' kinda greedy, but so what

I'm supplyin' the needy

Some MC's go for therapy I bury the remains of the others cause they suck incredibly

Superficial styles only last a little while

They never hold a candle to the Steve E profile

More than just wit, and more than just intellect

I'm more than a gangsta cause I kill with a mic check

I'm not the one with the H on his back

I fill up the place with the presence it lacks

It's gettin' hectic, it's gettin' crazy

It's gettin' hectic, it's gettin' wild


Rearrangin' the script as my words shift gear in a flash

Puttin' cash in the stash aint nothin' funny money

Greater gifts are received by those who are blessed

Me I got a treasure chest

By all means protected at all times

You try to front and you'll pay more than a small fine

I don't brag about the stuff I get

Cause if you roll correctly, demolish the stupid kids

They're runnin' off with the lip, not accomplishin' zip

I tell 'em wake up son, 'cause this is it

Peep out the suckers who are faking

Flaking moves on the mic and in life

It's gettin' hectic, it's gettin crazy

It's gettin' hectic, it's gettin wild


It's gettin' hectic, it's gettin crazy

Yeah take it down, uh


Check it

Yo when mic stands free, I done step to the

Point of attack cause the track feels good to me

And I intend to break you out of your restraint

You gained interest in my rhymes like I'm Citibank

Thanks to the Brand New Heavies and everyone

Who can dig the movement of the Guru smooth and provin'

That I'm the relevant eloquent one

Suckas gettin' whippins like they're all my sons

Rememberin' rap from the days of it's origin

The power of many men ascends from my pen

Here's to the ones with the fame and

Claimin' they're hard, yo them I disgregard

Cause they ain't all cracked up to what they should be

Some I call wanna be's, some I call would be's

I'm gettin' vexed by the crap they project

They put it on wax and on the record store racks

It's gettin' hectic, it's gettin crazy

It's gettin' hectic, it's gettin wild


Album Lyrics: Receiving The Gift Of Flavor [1995]

"Receiving The Gift Of Flavor [1995]"

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