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Artist/Band: Ultrasound
Lyrics for Song: Sovereign
Lyrics for Album: Play For Today [2012]

Stains grow

Taunt a sovereign soul

It spreads down and out

Covers flesh and bones and

Brings life to the fecund few.

Under my skin and under your skin

We smell badlands rotting sweat glands

So strangers come and when they leave they leave you


Tramline tears tear tracing paper laces

Down your face

Purge your sins, lowly stick-thin things

We are unclean.

We are unclean.

We are unclean.

All this mess and blood and grime and snail-slime makes life.

Puritans wash clean their filthy rotten souls

Nothing grows

God is love; love is dirt, unclean

We are unclean

Let me out hear me shout "unclean".

And if I fall

Please let me fall

Between your legs

Beneath your beds while you lie

I will whisper this chant while I finger your rosary

Celibate dreams

Never enough

This salacious old mind

Is aching to find purity in a world left behind

It's so unjust.

The great unwashed

Will drip the drops of their dreams in the soil and the streams

In the hope that they'll grow

In the hearts and the minds of all mankind

With sovereign souls just like mine

There is no good there is no bad everything's true, it's all allowed.

But I'm just a man dripping with sin

With legions of lesions ripping my skin

A sovereign soul with a sovereign heart

Finding all the repetitive strains of familiar refrains

In the songs full of life

This malady is taking me over again like heat from a flame

It's in the dirt inside your skirt

It squirts and it spurts like a vein all the sticky remains of your love

This is what makes us

This is what makes us sovereign soul

Sovereign hearts

This is what makes us

This is what makes us

This is what makes


Album Lyrics: Play For Today [2012]

"Play For Today [2012]"

1. Sovereign