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Artist/Band: The White Stripes
Lyrics for Song: Sister Do You Know My Name?
Lyrics for Album: De Stijl [2000]

Well we're back in school again

and I don't really know anyone

I really want to be your friend

cause I don't really know anyone

And the bus is pulling

up to your house

I wish you could be sitting here

next to me

i didn't see you at summer school

but I saw you at the corner store

and I don't want to break the rules

cause I've broken them all before

But every time I see you

I wonder why

I don't break a couple rules

so that you'll notice me

Sister do you know my name?

I've heard it before but I want you to know

I got a funny feeling

that it's gonna work out

cause now I see you sitting here

next to me

Album Lyrics: De Stijl [2000]

The White Stripes
"De Stijl [2000]"

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