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Artist/Band: The White Stripes
Lyrics for Song: Screwdriver
Lyrics for Album: White Stripes [1999]

Tuesday morning now

I gotta have somewhere to go

I call up tommy now

I call him on the telephone

Won't you wake up and come with me now

I'm going to the pawn and loan

Walking down thirty three

Walking down thirty oh

Well what am i supposed to think

I drop a nickel in the sink

I love people like a brother now

But i'm not gonna be their mother now

What if someone walked up to me

And like an apple cut right through me

im not just gonna stand there grinnin

cause I'm not the one who's sinnin


Now that you have heard my story now

I've got a little ending to it now

Whenever you go out alone

Take a little dog a bone

Think about your little sister

Then you got to drive it home

With a screwdriver

I got a little feeling goin' now

I got a little feeling goin' now

Album Lyrics: White Stripes [1999]

The White Stripes
"White Stripes [1999]"

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