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Artist/Band: We Came As Romans
Lyrics for Song: Beliefs
Lyrics for Album: To Plant A Seed [2009]

What is this whispered thief?

Is it a lie? Is it a lie?

Does fabrication begin at belief?

Who steals my years to keep all to themselves?

Is it only just the ground we stand upon?

Is it only just the ground we stand upon?

Is it only just the ground we stand upon?

I've asked you, yet heard no reply.

Is it only just the ground we stand upon?

Will I just soak into this earth when I die?

Have I fallen before I finished?

Who answers my questions when ears do not listen?

When silence speaks in volumes.

I have heard no reply.

Heard no reply.

This doubt that clouds what I perceive as truth.

The unnerving sense that there is nothing left.

An illogical view where purpose is gone.

Who wills these groundless conceptions?

Find faith in life.

In whatever will keep you breathing.

Fing faith in life.

In what ever will keep you breathing.

Whatever will keep you believing that we, we are not meaningless.

That we, we are not meaningless.

Retain what you have learned because love is an endless wonder.

It's a never-ending knowledge, this is our only solution.

I believe in me

I believe in you

I believe that we are not meaningless

Album Lyrics: To Plant A Seed [2009]

We Came As Romans
"To Plant A Seed [2009]"

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