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Artist/Band: Wiley
Lyrics for Song: My Mistakes
Lyrics for Album: Playtime Is Over [2007]


My mistakes are made by me

Your mistakes are made by you

What ever you do you gotta make it through

What ever you say you gotta mean it too

Don't bother say if it ain't true

That goes for me and that goes for you

My mistakes are made by me

Your mistakes are made by you


My mistakes were made by me

Your mistakes were made by you

You cant learn from one mistake you'll make two then three

It dont stop, the future looks bright but its not

About' Wot Wot Wot

You've lost it ya might as well Stop Stop Stop

But one mistake I made is the reason why it took long for me to get up to the top

So, now im here im thinking about me

For what im worth I could make so much P

Sometimes I think that I shoulda stayed with the same manager

That I had back in 03, simply cos' Cage knows me

But im glad that I left now I got a whole tree of family emcees in the


Wiley thats me, Dun' know!



I know I make wrong decisions

People try telling me but I wont listen

So stubborn cos no I wont give in

God, the mistakes I made ya know...

Man I just thought of livin

You do what I do but somethin so different

so im just wonderin is it, because I deserve it

Or is it a way of learning

Cos I wont learn if I dont live it

In hindsight...

I couldnt of got it right the first time

Cos I was just learning the first time

So I gotta make sure that I get it right for the next time

Cos a mistake is only that if you make it twice

Mistakes that ive made have helped me in life

I took wrong turns... now I gotta listen and learn

so ive gotta make things right!



Aight listen, yeah yeah yeah yeah

Ive made so much mistakes in my short life

If your smart you'll learn from mine

I tell my little bro, stick to your school work, he dont listen he'll learn in time

And ive seen what you earn from crime

But my pops there most of his life, inside, so I picked up the mic and turned on grime

I even learn from grime

And ill learn from mistakes when my days done

You can learn from yours or stay dumb

Y'all move with a fake buds

But I gotta be careful I seen what a stray done

Your mistakes were made by you

And my mistakes were made by me

But dont try and play like me

Because you might not have the art to stay like me



Aight were in the studio ya know, look out the window theres 3 skyscrapers

So that means somethings about to get built up


Big Dadda/Ninja Tune

Eskii B Recordings

Dun' know the myspace

Album Lyrics: Playtime Is Over [2007]

"Playtime Is Over [2007]"

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