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Artist/Band: Tom Waits
Lyrics for Song: Hell Broke Luce
Lyrics for Album: Bad As Me [2011]

I had a good home but I left

I had a good home but I left, right, left

That big fucking bomb made me deaf, deaf

A Humvee mechanic put his Kevlar on wrong

I guarantee you'll meet up with a suicide bomb

Hell broke luce

Hell broke luce

Big fucking ditches in the middle of the road

You pay a hundred dollars just for fillin' in the hole

Listen to the general every goddamn word

How many ways can you polish up a turd

Left, right, left, left, right

Left, right

Hell broke luce

Hell broke luce

Hell broke luce

How is it that the only ones responsible for making this mess

Got their sorry asses stapled to a goddamn desk

Hell broke luce

Hell broke luce

Left, right, left

What did you do before the war?

I was a chef, I was a chef

What was your name?

It was Geoff, Geoff

I lost my buddy and I wept, wept

I come down from the meth

So I slept, slept

I had a good home but I left, left

Pantsed at the wind for a joke

I pranced right in with the dope

Glanced at her shin she said nope

Left, right, left

Nimrod Bodfish have you any wool

Get me another body bag the body bag's full

My face was scorched, scorched

I miss my home I miss my porch, porch

Left, right, left

Can I go home in March? March

My stanch was a chin full of soap

That rancid dinner with the pope

Left, right, left

Kelly Presutto got his thumbs blown off

Sergio's developing a real bad cough

Sergio's developing a real bad cough

Hell broke luce

Hell broke luce

Hell broke luce

Boom went his head away

And boom went Valerie

What the hell was it that the president said?

Give him a beautiful parade instead

Left, right, left

When I was over here I never got to vote

I left my arm in my coat

My mom she died and never wrote

We sat by the fire and ate a goat

Just before he died he had a toke

Now I'm home and I'm blind

And I'm broke

What is next

Album Lyrics: Bad As Me [2011]

Tom Waits
"Bad As Me [2011]"

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