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Artist/Band: Pixies
Lyrics for Song: Subba Cultcha
Lyrics for Album: Minotaur [2009]

There is something about this song

this is a song about something there

we did the clubs what ass

I was hoping to have her in the sack

I was looking handsome

she was looking like an erotic vulture

I was all dressed in black

she was all dressed up in black

everything was fine down here

what you call it here

call it what you will here

way down in this subbacultcha

her warm white belly in the life I'd lived had seen nothing finer

she shakes and she moves me or something

she's like jellyroll like sculpture

I was wearing eyeliner

she was wearing eyeliner

it was so good down here

saving for my scrapbook here

way down down down in this subbacultcha

now we live on the sea and relax and ride the tack

drug running on this Panamanian schooner

she walks the deck in a black dress

and me, I dress up in black

and we listen to the sea

and look at the sky in a poetic kind of way

what you call it when you look at the sky in a poetic kind of way

you know when you grope for luna.

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