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Artist/Band: Megadeth
Lyrics for Song: Crown Of Worms
Lyrics for Album: Anthology: Set The World Afire [2001]

I am the author

Dream up your pain

Drink as did bacchus

Rebel just like cain

Lord of the city

I shall remain

All pandemonium

I shall reign

Set in my fortress

Up on my hill

Drinking the wine

Till I've had my fill

Building up high

My castle walls

Oh to veil my splendid fall

I present you, I present to you

I present you, this crown of worms (2x)

Surrounding myself with misery

Drawn curtains heavy of my history

Exquisite I am perfect unity

On my left hand is false majesty

I feign affection, refute the true story

Dispute with creation, the lie is my glory

I care for no-one, my gospel is death

For me the lights gone, only darkness is left

I present you, I present to you

I present you, this crown of worms (2x)

As black in deed

As cold as stone

A commandment of one

As proud as gold

As neglected in spirit

As time is old

As legion is numbers

As legend is told

I am alone with the agony of truth

My power of will

My judgement and chain

My end is knowledge

And conscience of guilt

My final confusion hidden from me til I'm done

Album Lyrics: Anthology: Set The World Afire [2001]

"Anthology: Set The World Afire [2001]"

1. Rattlehead
2. Go To Hell
3. Crown Of Worms
4. Breakpoint