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Artist/Band: Megadeth
Lyrics for Song: Reckoning Day
Lyrics for Album: Rude Awakening [2009]

I like the way that I make you itch

And all the reasons I give you to bitch

And how I make you wanna scream in pain

And feel your life is just a losing game

I like the way that you let me in

The way you look when the walls cave in

I like the way that your stomach knots

And how you cry for it all to stop

I like the way that you fool yourself

And make believe there's nobody else

I like the way that you stand in line

And beg salvation from the empty skies

Don't want no revenge

Ain't no pay back time

It ain't called getting even

Here comes the reconing day

I like the things that you try to fake

And your face when I see you break

And that you say you will pray for me

You realize you are prey for me

I like the way you stay on attack

No matter what, I keep coming back

And how you try to hold me down

But you end up driven to the ground

Album Lyrics: Rude Awakening [2009]

"Rude Awakening [2009]"

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