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[ More Motorhead lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Motorhead
Lyrics for Song: Angel City
Lyrics for Album: 1916 [1991]

I wanna grow my hair, live in Bel Air,

Lose my head, keep a live snake in my bed,

I wanna backstage pass, drink Bon Jovi's booze for free,

I wanna be a star & buy a hundred guitars,

Eat everything I can bite,

I wanna feel a little danger, feel a little stranger,

Angel City tonight,

I got a buncha boys, we make a lot of noise,

Little bit crazy, playing with chemical toys,

We're such bad ass dudes,

Almost can't stand it myself,

I wanna get the crabs in my elegant rags,

Make my mom & daddy uptight,

I wanna be an intellectual, heterosexual,

Angel City tonight,

I'm gonna live in L.A. drinkin' all day,

Lay by the pool & let the record company pay,

Talking to the devil on the bathphone all of the time,

I'm gonna kick ass, I'm gonna spit broken glass,

I'm gonna shoot out all of your lights,

I wanna eat dirt, I'm gonna eat my own shirt,

Angel City tonight,

Angel City, Angel City, the way I'm used is a shame and a pity,

Angel City, Angel City, rock 'n' roll alright,

Angel City, Angel City, the women here ain't got no pity,

Angel City, Angel City, shape up and fly right.

Album Lyrics: 1916 [1991]

"1916 [1991]"

1. I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)
2. No Voices In The Sky
3. Going To Brazil
4. Nightmare / The Dreamtime
5. Love Me Forever
6. Angel City
7. Make My Day
8. Ramones
9. Shut You Down
10. 1916