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Artist/Band: Flying Blind
Lyrics for Song: Love Konnection
Lyrics for Album: Push [2001]

Had you been told before

What I said the other night

I've assumed you always are

You know that I have never been

Attracted to the normal kind of girl

And once again I am right

I guess I should have known before

To never look them in the eyes

Without focusing afar

Truth will come around someday

When I am going through some kind of blindness

That fills up my sight

I need to learn

To speak effective

I should have made

A love connection

Your chance is gone

It will never come again

Oh no no no, again

I know you've seen it all before

Pasted on the every kind

The one who thinks he'll be a star

Truth is I have always been

Distracted by the soul that lurks in me

And once again I am right

I need to learn

To be productive

Avoiding ways

Self destructive

My chance is here

I will never sin again

Oh no no no, again

Album Lyrics: Push [2001]

Flying Blind
"Push [2001]"

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