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Artist/Band: Sufjan Stevens
Lyrics for Song: The Mistress Witch from McClure (or, The Mind
Lyrics for Album: The Avalanche [2006]

And the winter moves about Illinois

When my sister picks a fight

With the Alexander boy

And my father locks the car

By the store

Still we figure out the keys

And follow him once more

Oh my God

We see it on the floor

The woman on the bed

The ankle brace she wore

Stones and sled

It could have been some other

The mind that knows itself

Has a mind to serve the other

But we run back

Scratching at the door

Scratching at the door

If I'm hiding in the sleeves

Of my coat

When my father runs undressed

He's pointing at my throat

And my brother has a fit

In the snow

And the traffic stops for miles

We take him by the elbow

Oh my God

The shuffling at the floor

A mind that knows itself

Is a mind that knows much more

So we run back

Scrambling for cover

A mind that knows itself

Has a mind to kill the other

(Oh my God

No one came to our side

To carry us away from danger)

Oh my God

He left us now for dead

He left us now for dead

Album Lyrics: The Avalanche [2006]

Sufjan Stevens
"The Avalanche [2006]"

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