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[ More Missy Elliott lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Missy Elliott
Lyrics for Song: She's A Bitch
Lyrics for Album: Da Real World [1999]

To the M-I prrrrrrrr, cat like a semi

Nigga stole my car, why'nt you get my

Give yo' ass a black eye

Oh, say bye-bye

I'mma give your body to the sky

Run through your clique

Nigga, you pissed on trip

I'mma have to bust you in your lips

And the whips better have a whole lotta chips

Cuz I ain't for no nigga givin' tips

She's a @!#$

When you say my name

Talk mo' junk but won't look my way

She's a %$#@!

See I got more cheese

So back on up while I roll up my sleeves

1 - She's a *&^$#

You can't see me, Joe

Get on down while I shoot my flow

She's a !@%$&

When I do my thing

Got the place on fire, burn it down to flame

Roll up in my car, don't stop, won't stop

I'mma keep in rockin' til the clock don't tock

I'mma keep it hot, light my ass on fire

I'mma grab a philly, go and roll it at the bar

Whatcha talk? Whatcha say? Huh?

Gotta flow, gotta move it slow, huh?

Better you runnin' out the door, huh?

You gon' be a long lost soul, whacha say?

Yippe yi yo, yippe yi yi yay

Put me on stage, watchin' niggas feel me

Put my shit on wax, watch it blaze like May

Go yippe yi yo yippe yi yi yay

55, 65, hike

75, 85, test the mic

95, Missy wild for the night

105, I'mma keep the crowd hyped

2 - She's a !@#$%

When they say my name

Talk mo' junk but won't look my way

She's a $%^&*

See I got mo' cheese

Back on up while I roll up my sleeve

She's a

What? What? What? What?

What? What? What? What?

Whatchu know about Timothy, lemme know

Eat an MC like Cease, lemme know

If he get drunk lean on me, lemme know

I'm about to bust like pee, feel me now

Anybody know my skills, what the deal

Anybody feel my skills, it's the real

Anybody wanna come fuck wit us still

Anybody gotta get the hoe by they pill

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

Album Lyrics: Da Real World [1999]

Missy Elliott
"Da Real World [1999]"

1. Mysterious (Intro)
2. Beat Biters
3. Busa Rhyme
4. All N My Grill
5. Dangerous Mouths
6. Hot Boyz
7. You Don't Know
8. Mr. D.J.
9. Checkin' For You (Interlude)
10. Stickin' Chickens
11. Smooth Chick
12. We Did It
13. Throw Your Hands Up (Interlude)
14. She's A Bitch
15. You Can't Resist
16. Crazy Feelings
17. Religious Blessings (Outro)