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[ More Missy Elliott lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Missy Elliott
Lyrics for Song: Slap! Slap! Slap!
Lyrics for Album: Miss E....So Addictive [2001]

[Verse 1: Missy]

Me and my clique

Run thur the gutter breakin down shutter

As the beat goes, dun dun dun duna

Ain't nothing better than these favorite buttas

It's like freakin wit your lova tryin to bust his rubba

Have him have him undercover like he thought he never

How the hell a bitch like me become so cleva

Yall wack MC's , yall never never

Talkin hard as a cock but is light as a feather

Yall suspect hoe's yall suspect hoe's

Takin off your clothes yall reject hoe's

Fell the rhythm, I'm bout to kill em

[Chorus] Missy (Timbaland)


Right across your melon, easy


Right across your melon, easy)

[Verse 2: Missy]

Yall lil'

Tryin act bigga don't yall get the picture

Every freakin year I come wit something sicka

Fan's takin flick's wanna get my picture

Freak's only speak ¡°Do you know Jigga?¡±

Strange muthafucka's wanna be my nigga

Turn your man to a ass-licker

Cheatin ass men means, cheatin as men

Time to stop gamin and stay the fuck in

Fell the rhythm, I'm bout to kill em

[Chorus] Missy (Timbaland)


Right across your melon, pronto

(I said,Slap!Slap!Slap!

Right across your melon, pronto)

[Verse 3: Da Brat]

You don't wanna get smacked right quick

Wit a upper cut tight fist

I don't give a fuck if you don't like this

Still get paid to bust the right shit

Still get paid to hop on the dick

Not a prostitute, I gotta a lot of loot

But if you knock the boots,but at lease cop the coup

What I'm post to do, starve for you

This ain't Sparkle nigga, I can't crawl for you

That's impossible

I make the rules

I pay the dues

I wear the pants

Bought the shoes, hey Prada too

Fuck wit me you lose

Step to me and get brused

Your chances are not few, they none

So what I'm bitchy

Roll a phat blunt wit Missy

In the front wit me

Tim hit AHH, wit the bang to the boggada beat

Burnin em wit the heat

It don't concern me, when nigga talk shit

They just wanna learn me

When they see me,I permentaly

Damage they shit internally

And Slap!Slap!

Slap! em right across the melon



Right across your melon, easy

[Verse 4: Jade]

I'm the M-S-J-A-D-E

Toes and lows , bling like I'm B.G.

I don't know nigga help, shit, I write my own

Just gimme a beat and a muthafuckin microphone

Picture this shit me Missy and Timbaland

We bout to take it to the streets, but the chicken ran

Oh Shit, It's gettin kinda hot in here

Oh Shit, Make niggas stop and stare

Talk dirty, rock-a-bye a birdy

Smack the shit out the Clyde

Cause Bonnie should have pay me

Get old heads for they checks that sign right

And I get lil' boys for they doe on prom night

Cause I do my thing, knots in a pocket


All up in your knogen, early

I said,Slap!Slap!Slap!

All up in your knogen



Right across your melon, easy

Album Lyrics: Miss E....So Addictive [2001]

Missy Elliott
"Miss E....So Addictive [2001]"

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