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Artist/Band: Morrissey
Lyrics for Song: Reader Meet Author
Lyrics for Album: Southpaw Grammar (2009 edition) [2009]

You don't know a thing about their lives

They live where you wouldn't dare to drive

You shake as you think of how they sleep

But you write as if you all lie side by side

Reader, meet Author

With the hope of hearing sense

But you may be feeling let down

By the words of defence

He says "No-one ever sees me when I cry"

You don't know a thing about their lives

Books don't save them, books aren't Stanley knives

And if a fight broke out here tonight

You'd be the first away, because you're that type

And the year 2000 won't change anyone here

As each fabled promise flies so fast

You'll swear it was never there

Oh, have you ever escaped from a shipwrecked life?

So safely with your software, all miles from the front line

You hear the way their sad voice sings, and you start to imagine things

Oh, any excuse to write more lies

Album Lyrics: Southpaw Grammar (2009 edition) [2009]

"Southpaw Grammar (2009 edition) [2009]"

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