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Artist/Band: Morrissey
Lyrics for Song: One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
Lyrics for Album: Swords-Deluxe Edition [2009]

Always be careful when you abuse the one you love

the hour or the day no one can tell

but one day "goodbye" will be "farewell"

and you will never see the one you love again

you will never see the one you love again

I have been thinking

("what with?")

my final brain-cell

how Time grips you slyly in its spell

and, before you know, goodbye will be farewell

and you will never see the one you love again

and the smiling children tell you that you smell

we, just look at me--a savage beast--

I've got nothing to sell

and when I die I want to go to hell

and that's when goodbye should be farewell

One day "goodbye will be "farewell"

so grab me while we still have the time.

Album Lyrics: Swords-Deluxe Edition [2009]

"Swords-Deluxe Edition [2009]"

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