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Artist/Band: Supremes
Lyrics for Song: Bad Weather
Lyrics for Album: This Is The Story: The '70s Albums, Vol.1 - 1970-1973 [2006]

(Stevie Wonder/Ira Tucker, Jr.)

Oohhhhh, ooh, ooh, oohhhhhhh

Ooh, ooh, oohhhhhhhh

Ooh, ooh, ooh, whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa-whoa

Why is it we can't be

The way we used to be

Problems we would work it out

Whenever there was any doubt

You use to trust in me

But now you're leaving me to suffer

Oh, oh, oh yeah a-yeah

If you give love a chance

I'll do the best I can

We can work it out in time

And mend the pieces of our lives

Please believe in me

Every day is looking darker--

Think I'm gonna run into bad weather

Skies are gray

'Cause our love just ain't together

Think I'm gonna run into bad weather

'Cause our love just ain't together


All the things we used to do

Together me and you

Think of the fun we had

And how our love's suppose to last

Mistakes were not all you

I know I made some too, sugar, ooh baby, baby

Open up your eyes and see

That you're the one for me

Let's fix it there's still time

We can love, love sunshine

Baby, won't you please

Stop it, don't make me suffer--

Think I'm gonna run into bad weather

Ooh, look at the rain

'Cause our love just ain't together, no-o

Think I'm gonna run into bad weather

'Cause our stuff just ain't together--

Now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now--


Yeah, yeah



Think I'm gonna run into bad weather

'Cause our love just ain't together, oh no


Ah, ah, ah, ah!

Think I'm gonna run into bad weather

Look at the rain--

'Cause our stuff just ain't together

Hey, baby, baby, baby, yeah

Bad weather, bad weather, bad weather

Our love just ain't together

(It ain't together, no)

(Run into bad weather)

Gonna run, gonna run, I'm gonna run, I'm gonna run

You got me running, you got me running, hey, yeah

Album Lyrics: This Is The Story: The '70s Albums, Vol.1 - 1970-1973 [2006]

"This Is The Story: The '70s Albums, Vol.1 - 1970-1973 [2006]"

1. Up The Ladder To The Roof
2. Nathan Jones
3. I Guess I'll Miss The Man
4. Stoned Love
5. Everybody's Got The Right To Love
6. Floy Joy
7. Bad Weather
8. Paradise
9. Tossin' And Turnin'
10. La Voce Di Silenzio (Silent Voices)
11. Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love
13. Over And Over
14. Precious Little Things
15. Now The Bitter, Now The Sweet
16. Automatically Sunshine
18. Oh Be My Love
20. It's Time To Break Down
21. Bridge Over Trouble Water
22. I Wish I Were Your Mirror
23. Come Together
24. Is There A Place (In His Heart For Me)
27. Thank Him For Today
28. Tears Left Over
30. I Ain't Got The Love Of The One I Love
32. Take A Look Inside
33. Still Water (Love)
34. Take Your Dreams Back
35. I Don't Want To Own You (I Just Want To Love You)
37. I Ain't That Easy To Lose
38. And I Thought You Loved Me
39. It's Too Late
40. Then We Can Try Again
41. Wait A Minute Before You Leave Me
42. You Move Me
43. But I Love You More
44. I Got Hurt (Trying To Be The Only Girl In Your Life)
45. Baby Baby
46. Take A Closer Look At Me
47. Then I Met You
48. Bill, When Are You Coming Back
49. The Loving Country
50. Touch
51. When Can Brown Begin
52. I Keep It Hid
53. All I Want
54. 5:30 Plane
55. Beyond Myself
56. Once In The Morning
57. Cheap Lovin'
58. This Is The Story
59. Here Comes The Sunrise
60. Love It Came To Me This Time
61. Johnny Raven
62. Have I Lost You
63. Time And Love
64. Happy (Is A Bumpy Road)
65. It's So Hard For Me To Say Goodbye
66. May His Love Shine Forever