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Artist/Band: Supremes
Lyrics for Song: Soft Days
Lyrics for Album: More Unreleased 1970-1973 [2008]

here we walk together

we will dream of a loving arrives

everyday he makes my world go round, ooh yeah

just us watching the sun

running high behind the clouds

dreaming of a mystical land

just me and my man


my baby loves soft days

I know what he likes

and he likes what he loves

soft days

I know what he likes

and I like what he loves

running free and easy

in a search to find the sun

here we go holding on to the moon singing

good thing that love could be

such a joy and a lot of fun

sharing all the love with him

but you give just what you get


even when the clouds, they come out

and rain falls in our lives

it's as much love as they are raindrops

forever we're together

we'll dream of a love in our eyes

everyday we love each other so more

ooh, baby

just us, we are one

who making our life a paradise

dreaming, loving and living are we

it's beautiful, can't you see?

[repeat chorus over & over again]

[guitar solo]

I'm longing for soft days

I know what I need

what I want, what I need

soft days

I know what I need

what I want, what I need

Album Lyrics: More Unreleased 1970-1973 [2008]

"More Unreleased 1970-1973 [2008]"

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