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Artist/Band: Supremes
Lyrics for Song: Johnny One Note
Lyrics for Album: Sing Rodgers and Hart - The Complete Studio Recordings [2004]

Johnny could only sing one note

And the note he sings was this, ah

Poor Johnny, one note

Sang out with, "Gusto"

And just overlorded the place

Poor Johnny, one note

Yelled willy nilly

Until he was blue in the face

For holding one note was his ace

Couldn't hear the brass

Couldn't hear the drum

He was in a class by himself, by gum

Poor Johnny, one note

Got in Aida

Indeed a great chance to be brave

He took his one note

Howled like the North Wind

Brought forth wind that made critics rave

While Verdi turned 'round in his grave

Couldn't hear the flute

Or the big trombone

Ev'ry one was mute

Johnny stood alone

Cats and dogs stopped yapping

Lions in the zoo, all were jealous of Johnny's big trill

Thunder claps stopped clapping

Traffic ceased its roar

And they tell us Niag'ra stood still

He stopped the train whistles

Boat whistles, steam whistles, cop whistles

All whistles bowed to his skill

Sing Johnny one note

Sing out with, "Gusto"

And just overwhelm all the crowd


So sing Johnny, one note, out loud

Sing Johnny, one note

Sing Johnny, one note out loud

Album Lyrics: Sing Rodgers and Hart - The Complete Studio Recordings [2004]

"Sing Rodgers and Hart - The Complete Studio Recordings [2004]"

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