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Artist/Band: Eric Benét
Lyrics for Song: Chains
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Eric Benét

Break the chain

Tracy is a good girl
Sweet 16
Her daddy's in her bedroom
Makes her feel unclean
She's slave to a secret
That her dad and she keep together

nathan is a genius
Or atleast he was
Nat traded future for a glass-pipe-buzz
Nat lives on the streets now
For $20 bills he'll do whatever

Don't stop breaking the chains
Don't stop breakin' away
Don't be afraid of breaking the chains
It's up to no one else
You've got to free yourself

Rosie is a waitress at the airport
She gave up on her dreams
Her self esteem's broke down
Now she stares out the window
Watching people fly around forever


Make a change don't be afraid,
go on
Free your kind form the fear inside
And you won't be chained anymore

Look here I'm a black man
And they say I'm free
Seems like somebody's s'til got chains
on me

Well we got brothers killing brothers
Leaving young mothers to raise
a family
We gotta stay together to make it better

chorus out

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Eric Benét

Eric Benét
"Other Songs - Eric Benét"

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