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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: When They Gone (Radio)
Lyrics for Album: 99 Ways To Die [1995]

It's 1995, alot of brothers done died

Alot sisters, them mothers, them fathers

And aunties, and grandma's done left to cry

Now he nothing but a memory, used to be a friend of me

Said he'd never die, but now he's six feet deep

With a tombstone, oh my god my brother's gone

And I don't even even think I can go on

Cause it hurts

To lose someone you love to this madness

And killing, murder, shoot-em-up, this game of drugs

Doctors pumped his chest, my daddy said let him rest

A team rolled up and put him to his final test

Hands got cold, God rest his soul

He walked out his body to another another episode

Then the window opened

Then they put him in the final frontier

You know what happened in the end


I wish I could've seen him before he died (talked to him)

But when they gone, that's when we realized

I wish I could've seen him before he died (talked to him)

But when they gone, that's when we realized

Front, back, side-to-side

But who will be the next victim to roll in that black ride

Front, back, side-to-side

It might be you

The next victim to ride in that black ride

Just another homicide for the West County Times

Fools gettin' took out the game at the at the drop of a dime

The game's gettin' deep, I toss in my sleep

But would a young young live to see 2-3

Killin' don't fase, fools think i'm crazy

Muslims on every corner, handin' out black daisies

Name scratched off the wall, ain't no final call

Used to slang bean pies, now it's 'bout that white ball

Only fifteen, already got fiends

And workin' the ghetto like Jack Stalk could work some beans

Livin' off a high, gold ones on his ride

Bitches on his side, but only livin' to retire

Ain't that a shame, took him out the game

Same fool he used to roll with, yelled out his name

Popped in his chest, didn't wear his vest

Some day his kid took his first step, he took his last breath


Who's under the white sheet

Somebody bring the yellow tape

The ghetto took him under, today will be a sad day

Ain't no time to cry, no time to shed no tears

You know the way he died, the same way he lived

Who was his killer, found him dead on his knees

Same room with his wife, and his kid left to grieve

Hopin' that this is a nightmare, one pop and he's outta there

God rest his soul, left his kid in a wheelchair

Scared for his life, his daddy took the ghetto flight

And at the funeral, momma said boy you know it's gonna be alright

But know he's gone, ain't nobody to run his home

Another kingpin, stripped from the ghetto throne

Lost at the game of life, ain't no time to think twice

The same fool he trusted, and I sleeps with his wife

Tagged his toe, strapped him in the ziplock

Another another flip-flopped, pop was slangin' that crack rock

Now he's gone, Amazing Grace his last song

Six ballers carried him out the church, took take his his home

4 limos, 3 Cutlass, 2 El Doggs, a cop and the hearse

Everybody had they lights on

And when the straps pops to lower him down in the grave

See it was sad the way his his family misbehaved

His family cryin', but everybody gots to die

But you won't feel what they feel

'Till somebody in your family dies


Album Lyrics: 99 Ways To Die [1995]

Master P
"99 Ways To Die [1995]"

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