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Artist/Band: Indigo Girls
Lyrics for Song: Love's Recovery [Live/Curfews]
Lyrics for Album: 1200 Curfews [1995]

During the time of which I speak

It was hard to turn the other cheek

To the blows of insecurity.

Feeding the cancer of my intellect

The blood of love soon neglected

Lay dying in the strength of its impurity

Meanwhile our friends we thought were so together

They've all gone and left each other

In search for fairer weather

We sit here in our storm

And drink a toast to the slim chance of love's recovery.

Here I am in younger days star gazing

Painting picture perfect maps

Of how my life and love would be

Not counting the unmarked paths of misdirection

My compass: faith in love's perfection.

I missed ten million miles of road I should have seen

Meanwhile my friends we thought were so together

Left each other one by one on the road to fairer weather.

And we sit here in our storm

And drink a toast to the slim chance of love's recovery.

Rain soaked and voice chocked

Like silent screaming in a dream

I search for our absolute distinction

Not consent to bow and bend

To whims of culture that swoop like vultures

They're eating us away, (eating us away).

They're eating us away to our extinction

O how I wish I were a trinity

So if lost a part of me

I'd still have two of the same to live

But nobody gets a life time rehearsal

As specks of dust, we're universal

To let this love survive be the greatest gift we could give

Tell all the friends who think they're so together

That these are ghosts and mirages

All these thoughts of fairer weather

Though its stormy now I feel safe

Within the arms of love's discovery.

Album Lyrics: 1200 Curfews [1995]

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