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Artist/Band: MXPX
Lyrics for Song: Do Your Feet Hurt
Lyrics for Album: Ten Years & Running [2002]

Can I call you sweetheart?

Or even babydoll?

If I had your number,

you'd be getting a phone call

Can I leave you a message on your machine

Letting you know that you're the bomb

and you blew up on me

**Are you anxious to see me

after your next class?

Do you care when I tell you

step around that broken glass?

Can I see you after you get out of school?

I won't even mind it if you treat me cruel

Take a ride on my Vespa, I'll take you home

I'll climb up to your window and read you a poem

repeat **

I know that you believe in the one true God above

and that's why you're waiting

for your one and only love

Do your feet hurt? Did you fall from heaven?

Cause you've been running through

my mind all day

My mind don't mind

I don't know what to say or do

I can't eat when I'm with you

Goodnight sweetheart I gotta go

And you won't come to my next show

Album Lyrics: Ten Years & Running [2002]

"Ten Years & Running [2002]"

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