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Artist/Band: Bob Dylan
Lyrics for Song: I Want You
Lyrics for Album: Blonde on Blonde [2004]

The guilty undertaker signs

The lonesome organ grinder cries

The sliver saxophones say i should

Refuse you

Cracked bells and washed out horns

Blow into my face with scorn

It's not that way

I wasn't born to lose you

I want you

I want you

I want you

So bad

Drunken politicians leap

Under the streets where mothers weep

Saviours lying fast asleep

They wait for you

I wait for them to interrupt me

Drinking from my broken cup

And ask for me

To open up the gate for you

I want you

I want you

I want you

So bad

All my fathers, they've gone down

True love, they live without it

And all their daughters, they still put me down

Because I think about it

I returned to the Queen of Spades

Talked with my chambermaid

She knows that I'm not afraid to look at her

She's good to me

There's nothing she don't see

She knows where I would rather be

But that doesn't matter

Dancing child with his shiny suit

He spoke to me, I took his flute

No, I wasn't that cute to him

Was I?

I did it all because

He lied

Because he took you for a ride

Because time was on his side

Because I want you

I want you

I want you

So bad

Album Lyrics: Blonde on Blonde [2004]

Bob Dylan
"Blonde on Blonde [2004]"

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3. I Want You
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11. Visions Of Johanna