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Artist/Band: The Beatles
Lyrics for Song: Honey Pie
Lyrics for Album: The White Album (Remastered) [2009]

She was a working girl

North of England way

Now she's hit the big time

In the USA

And if she could only hear me

This is what I'd say

Honey pie you are making me crazy

I'm in love but I'm lazy

So won't you please come home

Oh honey pie my position is tragic

Come and show me the magic

Of your Hollywood song

You became a legend of the silver screen

And now the thought of meeting you

Makes me weak in the knee

Oh honey pie you are driving me frantic

Sail across the Atlantic

To be where you belong

Honey pie come back to me, oh


I like it like that, oh ah

I like this kind of hot kind of music

Hot kind of music

Play it to me, play it to me, honey, the blues

Will the wind that blew her boat

Across the sea

Kindly send her sailing back to me

Honey pie you are making me crazy

I'm in love but I'm lazy

So won't you please come home

Come, come back to me, honey pie

Oooooooooooh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Honey pie, honey pie

Album Lyrics: The White Album (Remastered) [2009]

The Beatles
"The White Album (Remastered) [2009]"

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