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Artist/Band: The Beatles
Lyrics for Song: I'll Be Back (Demo)
Lyrics for Album: Anthology (Part 1) [1995]

You know, if you break my heart I'll go

But I'll be back again

'cause I told you once before goodbye

But I came back again

I love you so, oh

I'm the one who wants you

Yes I'm the one who wants you

oh, ho, oh, ho, oh

You could find better things to do

Than to break my heart again

This time I will try to show that I'm

Not trying to pretend

I thought that you would realize

That if I run away from you

that you would want me to

But I got a big surprise

Oh, ho, oh, ho, oh

I want to go, oh

But I hate to leave you

You know I hate to leave

Oh, ho, Oh, ho

You, if you break my heart I'll go

But I'll be back again

Album Lyrics: Anthology (Part 1) [1995]

The Beatles
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