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Artist/Band: The Beatles
Lyrics for Song: Set Fire To That Lot! (Speech)
Lyrics for Album: Live At The Bbc


Album Lyrics: Live At The Bbc

The Beatles
"Live At The Bbc"

1. 1822! (Speech)
2. A Little Rhyme (Speech)
3. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
4. Beatle Greetings (Speech)
5. Carol
6. Clarabella
7. Crinsk Dee Night (Speech)
8. Crying Waiting Hoping
9. Dear Wack! (Speech)
10. Don't Ever Change
11. From Fluff To You (Speech)
12. From Us To You
13. Glad All Over
14. Have A Banana! (Speech)
15. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
16. I Got A Woman
17. I Got To Find My Baby
18. I Just Don't Understand
19. I'll Be On My Way
20. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
21. Johnny B. Goode
22. Just A Rumour (Speech)
23. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
24. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
25. Love These Goon Shows! (Speech)
26. Lucille
27. Memphis, Tennessee
28. Nothin' Shakin'
29. Ooh! My Arms (Speech)
30. Ooh! My Soul
31. Riding On A Bus (Speech)
32. Set Fire To That Lot! (Speech)
33. Sha La La La La! (Speech)
34. So How Come (No One Loves Me)
35. Soldier Of Love
36. Some Other Guy
37. Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
38. That's All Right (Mama)
39. The Honeymoon Song
40. To Know Her Is To Love Her
41. Too Much Monkey Business
42. Young Blood