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Artist/Band: MXPX
Lyrics for Song: Late Last Night
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - MXPX

Late last night so many thoughts were going thru my mind

since the fall selfish, sophist people; i guess that means us all

we all have fallen short that's no surprise

but why must we refuse to open up our eyes

we're so scared we might find something better than we are

deeper means life has got a purpose it's intrinsically in all

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - MXPX

"Other Songs - MXPX"

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3. Broken Hearts Disease
4. Brown Eyed Girl (Jenny)
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6. Don't Walk Around
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10. Gsf Live
11. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
12. I Can Be Friends With You (Petra Cover)
13. I Think I Love You
14. I Will Follow
15. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
16. Kids In America
17. King Of Everything
18. Last Train (Acoustic Demo)
19. Late Last Night
20. Like Sand Thru The Hourglass...
21. Linda Linda
22. Meow Mix Song
23. Money Tree
24. Mountian Dew Ad
25. Moutain Dew Commercial
26. My Boyfriends Back
27. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down
28. Never Seems To End
29. No Action (Elvis Costello Cover)
30. Prozac
31. Punk Rock Girl
32. Scooby Doo
33. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
34. So This Is Christmas?
35. Somebody To Love
36. Suburban Home
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39. The Empire
40. Thought A Lot
41. Vacation
42. Walk Away