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Artist/Band: Rihanna
Lyrics for Song: Without You
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Rihanna

Another day, another reminder.

That you're not here with me.

I watch the snowflakes falling from the skies.

I get lost in memories.

The time we try to build a snow man.

The time we try to count the stars.

It's crazy how we didn't know that.

That we'd ever be apart.


I can hear the music playing.

See the lights upon the tree.

I can feel the joy in every soul.

But for me it's incomplete.

And i try my best to play the part.

But no matter what i do.

No, it just don't feel like christmas, without you.

Youuuuuu, you, you. No.

Verse Two

Another tear, another regret boy.

That your so far away.

Can't believe it was only last year.

We shared that christmas day.

Remember when we took the sleigh ride.

Remember singing by the fire.

There's not too muches in the day light.

I keep re-living you and I.



The time we try to build a snow man.

The time we tried to count the stars.

It's crazy how we didn't know that.

That we'd ever be apart.


No, it just dont feel like xmas, without you...Oooh baby.

See I try but I just didn't ride. Without you.

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Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Rihanna

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