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[ More Missy Elliott lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Missy Elliott
Lyrics for Song: Supa Dupa Fly (intro)
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Missy Elliott

Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo

Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo

Ay yo yo yo yo

Ay yo Missy

I just came out here a hour & twenty five minutes

on one of them Gilligan island shits of New York & Virginia

Word up!to visit your ass,and you playin' shit like this up in my ears.

What the fuck you think you doin' thinkin' I ain't gonna get on this

mutha fucka before I bounce.

Yo check this out,let me hit you with this real shit real quick Missy.

One shot baby just let me do my shit for a minute on your shit.

Check it out.

Ah hahahah!

I continue to disreguard all of ya'lls opinian

Ahah!Blast! your whole ass into oblivian,eheaha,makin' New York with


Eheh,this shit be baggin',eheh.

If you disagree,Uhah!,before I smoke this,& get a little drunk and a

little pissy,when I finish my music Ima make all ya'll mutha fuckas miss


See who is he,that girl right there who is she?

It's Busta Ruhmes and Missy,niggaz when ya come around Missy don't act

like a fuckin' sissy.

No chicken headz allowed here,no time for the kissy kissy,and when they

askin' who is he?

I be Busta Ryhmes the pheneminal of get busy,strictly major

effected,ya'll niggaz know the drilly,we gettin' money togetha,trackin'

stacks and then countin' em

Ya'll niggaz stay tuned for the rest of my homegirl Missy's album

Word up!Flip Mode is the mutha fuckin' squad!

Busta Ryhmes commin' in right here with this quick lil' drop on ya.

Ah yo ya'll niggaz stay focussed!Keep ya eyes and ears on this

fulfillin' shit,Missy be numba one!

Blossumin',like beautiful flowers on ya'll mutha fuckas!

Stay Tuned.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott
"Other Songs - Missy Elliott"

1. 4 My People (Basement Jaxx Remix)
2. 9th Inning
3. All 4 U
4. All N My Grill (European Version)
5. American Life Remix (Madonna F/ Missy Elliott)
6. Baby Girl
7. Best Best
8. Big Spender
9. Bite Our Style (Interlude)
11. Bonus: We Don't Need No Water
12. Bring It On
13. Bye Bye
14. Car Wash
15. Ching-a-Ling
16. Club 2g
17. Cop That Shit
18. Crew Deep
19. Dig It
20. Do Something
21. Fighting Temptation
22. Floetic
23. Funky Fresh Dressed (Uncut)
24. Get Contact
25. Get Ur Freak On (remix)
26. Haven't Told You
27. He Be Back
29. Hey Woo
30. Higher Ground
31. Hot Boys Ft. Nas, Q-Tip, Eve & Lil' Mo
32. Hot Boyz (remix)
33. Huber Parents
34. Hurt Sumthin
35. I Don't Ever Wanna See You Again
36. I'm Movin' On
37. I'm So Fine
38. Into The Hollywood Groove
39. Intro (This Is Not a Test!)
40. Intro (Under Construction)
41. Jhv
42. Knoc
43. Knock Knock
44. Lady Marmalade
45. Lets Talk About Rap
46. Lights, Camera... Action! (Remix)
47. Ma, I Don't Love Her
48. Masticar
49. Missy Elliot
50. My Love Is Like...Wo
51. No Disrespect
52. One Day
53. Oops (Oh My)
54. P***ycat
55. Party To Damascus
56. Procrastination
57. Push, Push, Push
58. Rather
59. Really Hot
60. Release The Tension
61. Rewind That Back
62. Right On Time
63. Scream A.k.a Itchin'
64. Serpent
65. Shake Your Pom Pom
66. Shiney Teeth
67. Sickalicious
68. So Addictive Intro
69. Son Of A Gun
70. Sound Of The Underground
71. Starsplash - Free
72. Steelo
73. Stop
74. Supa Dupa Fly (intro)
75. Suzie Iei Eiei
76. Swat Day Fly
77. TÃ¥rarna
78. The Huber Rap
79. Tombigbee
82. Trippin
83. U Can't Resist
84. Ugly
85. We Run This (stick It Edit)
86. What The Dealio
87. What'Chu Want
88. What's That Sound
89. Who U Gonna Call
90. Work It (CD Version)
91. Work It (Remix)