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Artist/Band: The Who
Lyrics for Song: Fortune Teller
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - The Who

Went to the fortune teller

To have my fortune read

I didn't know what to tell her

Had a dizzy feeling in my head

She said she'd take a look at my palm

She said, "Son, do you feel kind of warm?"

Then she looked into her crystal ball

Said, "You're in love"

Said it could not be so

And not with all the girls I know

She said, "When the next one arrives

You'd be looking into her eyes"

Left there in a hurry

Looking forward to my big surprise

The next thing I discovered

That the fortune teller told me a lie

I hurried right down to that woman

As mad as I could be

I told her I didn't see nobody

And that she made a fool out of me

Then something struck me

As if it came from up above

While looking at the fortune teller

I fell in love

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Who

The Who
"Other Songs - The Who"

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14. Fortune Teller
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24. No Road Romance (1996 Who Are You Version)
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29. See Me Feel Me/listening To You
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34. The Quiet One
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