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Artist/Band: Mark Knopfler
Lyrics for Song: Donkey Town
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mark Knopfler

I've been around in Donkey Town

Too long baby too long

Checking out of Donkey Town

So long, so long, so long

Her pretty eyes are pretty still

But Jim's got a kind of a squint Yeah

I dug up my last check from out of the mine

Now I feel like I've done my stint

Jim got an army pension

When he walked from the military court

No body ever mentioned

The medical report

She does little things for me

She likes to get the both of us high. Yeah

She says I'm a tender-hearted man

Prince charming,yeah, sure, I'm the guy

He likes the wrecker's dogs on chains

And the smoke from the company fires

Diesel oil in the trucks and cranes

And the smell of burning tires

But I've been around in Donkey Town

Too long, baby ,too long

Checking out of Donkey Town

So long, so long, so long

There's a purple heart in a silver tin

And a grey .45 in a drawer

Most of the time you can drink with him

But some other time he's just sore

On days when she says she can't think straight

Or she feels like she's getting the jumps

She'll go shoot off her .38

At cans on a Donkey Town dump

It was Friday late and she crossed those legs

She told me flat out she would. Yeah

If I could pull up my trailer pegs

We could get away together for good

I sure wish her the best of luck

She's going to need it thinking of Jim

I don't like to leave her stuck

But she's near as bad as him

But I've been around in Donkey Town

Too long baby too long

Checking out of Donkey Town

So long, so long, so long

Checking out of Donkey Town

So long, so long, so long

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler
"Other Songs - Mark Knopfler"

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2. Alison
3. All That I Have In The World
4. All the road running
5. Angel Of Mercy
6. Annick
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8. Badges, Posters, Stickers, T - Shirts
9. Be Mine
10. Beachcombing
11. Belle starr
12. Bewildered
13. Beyond my wildest dreams
14. Blues Clair
15. Blues Stay Away From Me
16. Boomtown [Variation Louis' Favourite]
17. Boulder To Birmingham ( Emmylou Harris )
18. Brats
19. Camerado
21. Communiqué
22. Congo Square
23. Cool Drink Of Water Blues
24. Creole Angel
25. Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)
26. Donkey Town
27. Down To The Waterline
28. Fade To Black
29. Fear And Hatred
30. Finale: Last Exit To Brooklyn
31. Fireswamp And The Rodents Of Unusual Size
32. Florin Dance [Instrumental]
33. Follow Me Home
34. Follow The Ribbon
35. Freeway Flyer
36. Going Home [Theme Of The Local Hero]
37. Heavy Fuel
38. How Long
39. I dug up a diamond
40. If I Had You
41. If this is goodbye
42. Industrial Disease
43. Iron Hand
44. It Never Rains
45. Just one time
46. Kingdom Come
47. Lady Writer
48. Les Boys
49. Let's See You
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51. Lost On The River
52. Love And Happiness
53. Mademoiselle Will Decide
54. Metroland Theme
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58. No Wonder He's Confused
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62. One World
63. Peaches
64. Planet Of New Orleans
65. Portobello Belle
66. Pyroman
67. Railroad Worksong
68. Red staggerwing
70. Ride Across The River
71. Right now
72. River Of Grog
73. Rollin' on
74. Romeo And Juliet
75. Run Me Down
76. Setting Me Up
77. Single Handed Sailor
78. Six Blade Knife
79. Small Potatoes
80. Solid Rock
81. Storybook love
83. The Long Highway
84. The Man's Too Strong
85. The Next Time I'm In Town
86. The Way It Always Starts
87. There will be some changes made
88. This is us
89. Ticket To Heaven
90. Tous Les Garaons Et Les Filles
91. Tralala
92. Two Young Lovers
93. When It Comes To You
94. Where Do You Think You're Going?
95. Why Worry
96. Yankety Axe
97. You & Your Friend
98. Your Own Sweet Way
99. Your Perfect Song